Illegals pouch deer, elk, and even kill hunting dogs as well as a few rangers, and hikers. Illegal immigrants ruin our country in more ways than just siphoning funds from social services, stealing, raping, and killing citizens all around us. So why do our elected officials, who’s duty it is to protect and serve citizens think it is their right and duty to allow illegals in this country, and provide for them cities which make it their job to offer sanctuary to illegals who should not even be in this country. Both young and old American Citizens have a hard time making ends meet, but an illegal can come into a city, get free lunch, health care, welfare, schooling, counseling, taught English as a second language, get free transportation, a good job they don’t qualify for, housing by subsidy, and send their children to college to compete with our children for jobs. ALL ILLEGALLY ! ! ! Tell me why? ? ?
My teachers didn’t have time to teach our classes what they needed to know without having to teach some students to speak English. We never got as much, even a tenth as much money for Chemistry as the football team or basketball team got. We all say yes but foot ball teaches teamwork. Half of the foot ball team as I remember it, were bullies. They get hurt mentally and physically, while building houses I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard a man crying “pull my leg, it keeps coming out of the socket, it’s an old food ball injury” So I’d pull his leg and get him feeling better tell the next time. So the point is, WHY? ? ? Well it’s obvious, if we can do something so stupid as to pay a couch, buy uniforms, build stadiums to smash heads, that’s why not  do other stupid things like allow, pay for and protect illegal aliens, are we not badly screwed up?