Time to plan for great Outdoor activity, like till your garden up and get ready to put on seed for green manure. Clover and Rye grass is what I use. Rake just enough to smooth out the rows, and put it right on the newly tilled soil. A little spring rain my help or water regularly until it starts to germinate and come up. Other weeds will come up too, but the clover and rye should out strip it pretty soon. You’ll want to till it again in a week or so, and be ready to plant. I plant the corn inside in flat trays at the same time I till the ground. When I’m sure the last frost has passed I’ll divide the corn plants and plant them in rows. I used to use a planting tool that rolls along the ground, but I generally had uneven spacing, and birds liked to go down the rows and make a mess looking for the fresh seed corn. I ended up spacing by hand, and that takes more time than gust putting in the transplanted corn I could trust was coming up. This way I know what I’m getting every time. Spring is the time to plant, but if you don’t plant what you want to harvest you may as well live in the City. I love fresh corn, tomatoes, beans, and so much more. And Oh, yes it is life saving, because this system we live in is fradual. When push comes to shove it won’t be there for us. So get ready for the big one, what ever it is. Survive of the earth if you have to because you well may have to.