SPRING PREPARATION see the white plumb tree blooming full of white blossoms, so do the cotling moths and every other fly or moth that likes to lay its eggs on the blooms.  Get an old gallon milk jug and put in 2 banana peels, 2 C sugar, 2 T Molasses, 1 C cider vinegar, and water to fill half way.   Now hang the jug 2/3 of the way out to the edge of the tree about half way up in the tree.  This is for apple trees as well these faramone traps are great to eliminate the worms in your fruit.  You need to clean up all the dropped fruit as well, that will help the fruit next year.  after the maggots eat the fruit, they turn to pupa, and fall on the ground, then they stay in the ground and come out as moths, eating the fruit the next year.  So clean up around your fruit trees every year.

Rototilling the ground is next up, rake and plant a cover crop of rye grass, and clover.  Till again and plant your corn, beans, and get ready to plant all the other vegetables you want to harvest this year in order of their readiness for the temperature.  I personally plant corn and other crops inside, generally in a flat so they can be transplanted into rows later.  That way I can use a drip feeder hose that I punch the holes in a foot apart.  Then a single drip valve is inserted into the single hole a foot apart.  I find that is much better than using a soaker hose that waters all the weeds in the area.  Simply hoeing lightly takes care of weeds that do grow between the rows, and that is a lot easier than taking out weeds that are larger than the corn that never seems to get the water it needs from a soaker hose.